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Artiste Title Disc
Bob DylanMr Tambourine ManLS224
Bob DylanShelter From The StormLS224
Bob DylanTangled Up In BlueLS224
Bob DylanThe Times They Are A-Changin'LS224
Bob DylanForever YoungSF838
Bob DylanWhen The Ship Comes InSF863
Bob HopeThanks For The Memory [KaraokeBob Hope
Bob HopeThanks for the MemoryDJ KT
Bob HopeThanks For The MemoryDKG36
Bob HopePut It There PalJTG124
Bob HopeRoad To Morocco (from film of same name)JTG124
Bob HopeThanks For The Memory (from Big Broadcast)JTG124
Bob HopeTwo Sleepy PeopleJTG124
Bob LindElusive ButterflyDKG30
Bob MarleyBuffalo SoldierMM6083
Bob MarleyCould You Be LovedMM6083
Bob MarleyJammin'MM6083
Bob MarleyNo Woman, No CryMM6083
Bob MarleyOne LoveMM6083
Bob MarleyIron, Lion, ZionSF 4
Bob MarleyThree Little BirdsSF811
Bob MarleyGet Up Stand UpSF828
Bob MarleyWaiting In VainSF833
Bob MarleyIs This LoveSF834
Bob MarleyNo Woman No CrySF856
Bob MarleyCould You Be LovedSFMW889
Bob Marley & The WailersBuffalo SoldierSF805
Bob Marley & The WailersJammin'SF805
Bob SegarSunspot BabyDJ KT
Bob SegarStill the SameMH1013
Bob SegerBeautiful LoserDJ KT
Bob SegerAgainst the WindMH1023
Bob SegerTurn the PageMH1023
Bob SegerStill The SameSF814
Bob SegerStill The Same
Bob Sinclair feat. Gary Nesta PineLove GenerationEZH 52
Bob The BuilderCan We Fix ItSF174
Bob The BuilderMambo No.5SF183
Bob WillisFaded LoveDKG74
BobbettesI Shot Mr LeeLg147 15
Bobbie GentryI'll Never Fall In Love AgainSF 65
Bobbie GentryOde To Billy JoeSF102
Bobbie RydellSwaySF137
Bobby Boris PickettMonster MashDKG43
Bobby BrownMy PrerogativeSF 11
Bobby CaldwellStuck On YouDJ KT
Bobby DarinBeyond The SeaBig Band
Bobby DarinClementineBig Band
Bobby DarinMack The KnifeBig Band
Bobby DarinMac the KnifeDJ KT
Bobby DarinMack the KnifeDJ KT
Bobby DarinMack the KnifeDJ KT
Bobby DarinMoreDJ KT
Bobby DarinUp a Lazy RiverDJ KT
Bobby DarinUp A Lazy RiverDJ KT
Bobby DarinBeyond The SeaJohn 2
Bobby DarinDream LoverJohn 2
Bobby DarinIt Had To Be youJohn 2
BOBBY DARINSplish SplashKC 5
BOBBY DARINClementineLS 14
BOBBY DARINMack The KnifeLS 14
BOBBY DARINMust Have Been A Beautiful BabyLS 14
BOBBY DARINSplish SplashLS 14
Bobby DarinMac The KnifePW
BOBBY DARINMultiplicationSF 74
BOBBY DARINBeyond The SeaSF860
Bobby FreemanDo You Wanna DanceDKG49
Bobby Fuller FourI Fought The LawDKG30
Bobby GentryOde to Billy JoeDKG33
Bobby GoldsboroHoneyDKG01
Bobby GoldsboroSummer (The First Time)SF137
Bobby HebbSunnyDJ KT
Bobby HebbSunnyDKG56
Bobby HebbSunnySF823
Bobby LewisTossin' N' Turnin'DKG43
Bobby McFerrinDon't Worry Be HappyDJ KT
Bobby RydellForget HimMore Extras
Bobby VeeBallad MedleyBV
Bobby VeeCome Back When You Grow UpBV
Bobby VeeDevil Or AngelBV
Bobby VeeHow Many TearsBV
Bobby VeeMore Than I Can SayBV
Bobby VeePlease Don't Ask About BarbaraBV
Bobby VeeRubber BallBV
Bobby VeeRun To HimBV
Bobby VeeSharing YouBV
Bobby VeeStaying InBV
Bobby VeeTake Good Care Of My BabyBV
Bobby VeeThe Night Has A Thousand EyesBV
Bobby VeeUptempo MedleyBV
Bobby VeeTake Good Care of My BabyDJ KT
Bobby VeeTake Good Care of My BabyDJ KT
BOBBY VEETake Good Care Of My BabyDKG30

Page 18 of 147
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