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Artiste Title Disc
bing crosbyTrue LoveJTG124
bing crosbyYou're The TopJTG124
Bing CrosbyWhite ChristmasMRE39
bing crosbySwinging On A StarSF814
bing crosbyWhite ChristmasZOOM14
Bing CrosbyMoonlight Becomes You
Bing CrosbySwinging On A Star
Bing CrosbyThanks For The Memory
Bingo Players FT Far East MovementGet Up (rattle)EZH 96
Binnie HaleNice Cup Of Tea
BjorkOh So QuiteDJ KT
Blacc, AloeI Need A DollarMRH80
BlackWonderful LifeSF168
Black BoxRide On TimeSF817
Black CrowesHard To HandleKR
Black Eyed PeasDon't LieEZH 49
Black Eyed PeasMy HumpsEZH 53
Black Eyed PeasPump ItEZH 54
Black Eyed PeasBoom Boom PowEZH 78
Black Eyed PeasI Gotta FeelingEZH 80
Black Eyed PeasMeet Me HalfwayEZH 81
Black Eyed PeasRock That BodyEZH 82
Black Eyed PeasThe Time (Dirty Bit)EZH 88
Black Eyed PeasDont Phunk with My HeartMRH20
Black Eyed PeasDon't Stop The PartyMRH81
Black Eyed PeasWhere Is The LoveSF209
Black Eyed PeasShut UpSF212
Black Eyed PeasHey MamaSF214
Black LaceDo The CongaSF 42
Black LaceGang BangSF834
Black LaceAgadooSFG47
Black LaceHokey CokeySFG47
Black LegendYou See The Trouble With MeSF167
Black SabbathParanoidHP3
Black SabbathParanoidSF166
Black SabbathChangesSong List
Black, JeffHi Ho Silver LiningMRE13
Blaine, MarcieBobby's GirlLg147 05
Blame It On The BoogieThe JacksonsZTP011
Blazin' SquadCrossroadsSF196
Blazin' SquadLove On The LineSF198
Blazin' SquadReminisceSF202
Blazin' SquadWe Just Be Dreamin'SF207
Blazin' SquadFlip ReverseSF211
Blazin' SquadHere 4 OneSF214
Blazin' SquadChildren of the RevolutionSF220
Blige, Mary JI'm Goin' DownLg176 06
Blige, Mary JNo More DramaLg176 07
Blige, Mary JNot Goin' CryLg176 08
Blige, Mary JFamily AffairLg176 09
Blige, Mary J.No ChargeDJ KT
Blind As A BatMeat LoafSFMW884
Blink 182All the Small ThingsMRE44
blink 182All The Small ThingsSF163
blink 182What's My Age AgainSF165
blink 182Adam's SongSF169
blink 182Rock ShowSF180
blink 182AlwaysSF226
Bloc PartyThe PrayerEZH 62
BlondieHeart of GlassDJ KT
BlondieOne Way Or AnotherHP2
BlondieAtomicLg084 01
BlondieCall MeLg084 02
BlondieDenis DenisLg084 03
BlondieHanging on the TelephoneLg084 05
BlondieHeart of GlassLg084 06
BlondieI'm Always Touched By Your Presence DeaLg084 08
BlondieIsland of Lost SoulsLg084 09
BlondieMariaLg084 10
BlondieNothing Is Real But the GirlLg084 11
BlondieOne Way Or AnotherLg084 12
BlondiePicture ThisLg084 13
BlondieRaptureLg084 14
BlondieSunday GirlLg084 15
BlondieTide Is HighLg084 16
BlondieUnion City BlueLg084 17
BLONDIEHeart of GlassMRE32
BLONDIENothing Is Real But The GirlSF140
BLONDIEPicture ThisSF156
BLONDIEHanging On The TelephoneSF853
BLONDIEOne Way Or AnotherSF861
BlondieSunday GirlZTP018
Blood Sweat & TearsSpinning WheelDKG10
Blood Sweat & TearsYou've Made Me So Very HappLg064 01
Blood Sweat & TearsGod Bless the ChildLg064 02
Blood Sweat & TearsSpinning WheelLg064 03
Blood Sweat & TearsAnd When I DieLg064 04
Blood Sweat & TearsI Love You More Than You'llLg064 05
Blood Sweat & TearsHi De HoLg064 06
Blood Sweat & TearsI Can't Quit HerLg064 07
Bloodhound GangThe Bad TouchSF164
Bloodhound GangMopeSF167
Bloodhound GangThe Ballard Of Chasey LainSF170

Page 16 of 147
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